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Guest post, delayed July 25, 2017

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While I collect time in which to think fluently, a little preemptive Pasternak mockery:
Now the front is flooded with correspondents and journalists. They record their ‘observations’ and gems of popular wisdom, they visit the wounded and construct new theories about the people’s soul.  It’s a new version of Dahl and just as bogus -linguistic graphomania, verbal incontinence.  That’s one type- and then there’s the other: clipped speech, ‘sketches and short scenes’, skepticism and misanthropy.  I read a piece like that the other day: ‘A gray day, like yesterday.  Rain since morning, slush.  I look out of the window and see the road.  Prisoners in an endless line.  Wounded.  A gun is firing.  It fires today as yesterday, tomorrow as today and every day and every hour’.  Isn’t that subtle and witty!   But what has he got against the gun?  How odd to expect variety from a gun!  Why doesn’t he look at himself, shooting off the same sentences, commas, lists of facts day in, day out, keeping up his barrage of journalistic philanthropy as nimble as the jumping of a flea?  Why can’t he get it into his head that it’s for him to stop repeating himself -not for the gun- that you can never say something meaningful by accumulating absurdities in your notebook, that facts don’t exist until man puts into them something of his own, a bit of free human genius- of myth.


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