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Mesa de Contenidos November 26, 2014

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There is too much work to do, but I’ll keep an index of the stories I should have told here:

– Zac’s whiskey

– Eric’s hungarian phone

– The camaro

– Late for Tom

– Tom riding the cart

– Punjabi, mixup

– Fermi estimations (I’m dumb)

– Sunglasses (I’m dumber)

– Breakfast burrito

– River the color of Tete’s coat

– The return

– Sleep

– Tappan zee bridge

– Crossing paths

– Jersey Gas, Chicken fried steak, monster

– mason dixon line, enrique iglesias and midi music on the radio in virginia

– waffle house, no chicken waffle

– stochastic noun/verb substituter

– email from the savannah river, fifteen minutes focus

– waffle house breakfast, chicken waffle, chocolate fortune cookies, are you here for the game?

– seven lane highways of atlanta (texas learned), wrong highway, beautiful, secluded passages from highway to highway

– bush’s barbecue (indifferent), neil young on the chattahoochee

– three piece suit, rented chevy, alabama truck stop

– valet, rain, b’s bistro, maison bourbon (tired, germans), sing sing (jay-z, man in purple dancing), spirits on bourbon (bland, gumbo, recommendation), chris owens (efficient)

– post-apocalyptic bayou, juban’s rolls

– empty roads, dallas tolls, pho

– cops closing the 635, hotel, frontage roads, bartholemew, ukelele

– al-amir, man with the axe, precedence for stall/urinal, first lass, mary’s friend, cigarrette smoke, cruise control nights, william gibson, mustang, lebanese valets

– red abstract highways, hours to clear dallas, three way forks, outta the oven

– terry pratchett

– joe allen’s abilene steak, never left the state (baby momma four hours away), gas station zip code

– 176 from big spring, in behind the wide load pace car, cotton, oil derricks

– best western, rojas mexican grill, talaveras (chimichanga, tostada, bano impecable, bondad, pareja, familia)

– artesia, roswell, michelle rodriguez, white sands, breakfast ferguson

– ufo museum, description of good evidence (photographed), awesome searchlight on thin high clouds picture, post cards, air force report?

– gas, vaughn, watch for rattlesnakes, raven, wind, bernstein mumbo jumbo and then harmonic series

– encino, school bus, ranch, nice mini cooper, nice playground


– going up the mesa, moment of horror on the wrong highway

– moriarty, nachos, local cafe, all boarded up, google bikes, blake’s lotaburger, what are drones good for? photographing on the airport taxiway

– national museum of nuclear science and history, briefcase nuke, the arming briefcase, conning tower, b-52, b-29, b-58 fuel & weapon of mass destruction pod, minuteman, titan ii, jupiter (mentions turkey 1961-1963, not anything else), propaganda wing (insert image), hiroshima & nagasaki earrings

– switch drivers to cross the city, drive to gallup, world famous indian store, garcia’s sunset grille, small boy didn’t answer spanish (yes!), but was working at 10pm on a tuesday night

– dude haggling with convenience store clerk (think I’m stupid?), monster, taurine (what is it good for?), bernstein

– 65, 55, 45, 35, pratchett, reservation road, empty road, right road

– five minutes to midnight, dirty, far away, man vomited 25 yards from my wife, could not see the stars, unconsciousness

– sat in the restaurant and wrote all this, got a text from work, got on IM