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Conclusión sin Resumen January 3, 2015

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– running my fingers down 50 meters of antelope canyon sandstone with my eyes closed

– damped oscillation on the glen canyon dam bridge, when a semi trailer rolls past where you’re standing

– the three thousand eight hundred and fifty meter volcano hidden behind a pillar at the flagstaff ihop

– the watery noise of the blackbirds in the parking lot

– the big hole in the ground that americans from the fifties, immigrants, and anyone who’s seen it for themselves will want to go see

– penn: and I’ve turned him into teller

– worst car in the lot at the firefly is a beamer

– aevum tarot, zombie disposal unit

– rhyolite (like the game passage)

– twilight on a gravelly hillside in death valley

– Mason, Caleb. Jay-Z’s “99 Problems,” Verse 2: A Close Reading With Fourth Amendment Guidance for Cops and Perps, 56 St. Louis University Law Review 567 (2011)



Fig. 1 January 3, 2015

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7:26 – the famous stones are still hidden in a sort of blue haze.  The largest rock, on the right, sort of lit from the side, in the dull grey light of morning.

7:33 – the usual light of low scrubland, the yellow bushes against a dark soil, the glint of distant buildings, the beginning of reds in the large stone, the glow on the edge of another

7:47 – dirt starts to catch the light, lose the golden glow, some of the other ridge tops catch a little light

7:56 – darkness on the valley floor resolves itself into particular shadows

8:20 – still blue, a little detail on the sillhouettes