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Bucket lists August 8, 2016

Posted by stinawp in Uncategorized.

If I hadn’t rescheduled my return, I would be in San Jose right now and catching a plane tomorrow morning. It’s just as well I’m not in San Jose, because my field work bucket list still has the following items on it:

– Finish the never-ending experiment

– Make a video of me switching caterpillars for posterity (well, protocol documentation and/or science outreach)

– Finish measuring a bunch of leaves

– Collect leaf samples and all the plastic tape I’ve used to mark plants in the field

– Pack everything up

I’m making progress on all of those things and they will all get done by next Monday morning. But I’ve also been putting together a field site bucket list, which may or may not get completed. I have no idea when I’ll be back at Palo Verde, so I have some things I want to do one more time before I leave:

– Sit on the marsh boardwalk at night.

– Walk all the way down to the river.

– Hike up to all three of the lookout points.

I think those will be ambitious enough given how much time I have left here and how much still has to get done.



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