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A jeep and trilingual confusion June 13, 2016

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June 7, 2016

This morning, I came across a truly impressive jeep. While a lot of the rental companies have little 4WD mini-jeeps (jeeplets?) that they rent out to tourists, this was a substantial Range Rover with enough extra gear tied onto it to make it about twice as big as a jeeplet . The jeep and everything on it looked like it had seen a few miles.

This turned out to be a major understatement. When I stopped to talk to the couple packing up the car, they said that they’d started in southern Argentina, driven up through most of South America (they skipped Venezuela), and were about halfway through their four-week stay in Costa Rica. They didn’t say when they began, but given that they were spending about a month in each country, I suspect they started around the beginning of 2016. After they leave Costa Rica, they’re planning on driving all the way through to Mexico. Then they’ll go back home for the winter and pick up driving again in the spring. Their ultimate goal? Alaska.

Since ‘home’ for them is Germany, I got a chance to practice my German, at least for a little bit. I accidentally dropped enough Spanish words into the German that they decided that it would be easier to just speak English. Although my Span-deutsch was definitely messy, I think it’s a mess in the right direction. Before this, when I was accidentally dropping words in the wrong language into German, they were in English. Here’s hoping that this means the Spanish is starting to settle into my brain.




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