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The little things July 26, 2015

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June 26, 2015

I ran into the naturalist/graduate student giving a couple a tour this morning. This isn’t unusual, since the easiest way to see lots of different (vertebrate) animals is to go west along the road, and the easiest way to find lots of caterpillars is to go west along the road. Tours often give me a chance to see animals I wouldn’t otherwise notice or see well, since I don’t carry binoculars. In this case, it was a crane hawk perched far back in a tree. It looked like a typical dark-colored hawk except for its long bright red legs so I made the appropriate noises and went on working.

After I finished looking for caterpillars, I rode back to the station with them. On the way back, I spotted a male long-tailed manakin. It was mostly black too, but with a red cap, a bright blue upper back, and two really long tail feathers. Unfortunately, the couple was on the wrong side of the car, so neither one of them got to see it. We tried to get out and find the manakin, but it flew into the forest.

It’s a sad truth that most of the animals here will see, hear, or smell you and take evasive action long before you spot them. Insects are the exception. Here’s the one non-caterpillar I was able to take a picture of today:

You think I'm joking? That fly's not getting identified without a microscope.

A fly (Diptera). To tell you more, I’d have to look at the wing veins and see how many bristles it has on its shoulders.



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