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Glorious mud June 24, 2015

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June 4, 2015

It’s rained three times in the last week, and it’s finally mucky enough for rubber boots, at least in the wetland, although “wetland” is still a misnomer. Where there would normally be several feet of water, there’s none. Instead, there is a flat expanse bordered by the forest and the spikes of reeds where there is still water near the river. In between, it looks like a kitchen sponge seen from the viewpoint of an ant. The ground is level but riddled with cracks and holes and covered with a creeping spiny tomato relative like a Brillo pad.

At first the fine black silt was dried in geometric clods, appearing nearly crystalline. Enough pressure turns the clods into tiny round beads, and rain has dissolved them into real soil and real mud. Farther up, on the road, there is even a puddle or two.



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