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South Victoria Road: Sunrise – as it happened April 6, 2013

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5.45am NZST The waxing crescent moon was bright in Aquarius and the eastern sky. A little above the big tree on the left side of the terrace. From without, the milky way was still visible. There was little enough I could recognize: scorpio, what might have been the southern cross. By the time I went in, checked the star maps and came back out, there was a faint blue-green line on the horizon, and the milky way was gone. The magellanic clouds will just have to wait, I suppose.

6.05am NZST The horizon is a sort of buff color. On the ridge across Waiheke forest, there’s a cornucopia of trees. Little palms, like asterisks pinned on sticks for display. Funny multi-tufted trees, each canopy supported by a separate stalk of what is still recognizably the same tree. Towards the ocean, a good old-fashioned tree, with many thick branches, low branching factor, standing guard on the end of the ridgeline.

6.13am NZST Venus, earlier brilliant, is now gone. The horizon has hardly changed color, as my eyes adapt to it, but the glow has spread until it covers my easy field of view, and the low clouds nearby are clearly visible against it. There’s a reddish glow against the horizon, holding it back from the faded-jean sky. The wooden terrace is still colorless, but the detail is clearly visible. The stains of yesterday’s dishwater, the discolorations around the nails, the grain in the coarse wooden table that sits on the northern end. To the south of the asterisk palms, rising along the hill, a stand of evergreens, one of them built like a layer-cake, just to keep me guessing.

6.20am NZST The color of the horizon is a bit like a honeydew melon, and three degrees higher is flatly grey. In between, a slowly brightening cloud, the color of deep-dyed salmon and then a fluorescent pink like a shipful of passengers’ raincoats might have.

6.28am NZST I can see a dark local cloud in relief against what is unmistakably a dusty blue sky, and the cloud has dimmed again to a sort of peach-yogurt color. My words betray me – I haven’t had breakfast yet. There’s a cat on the metal roof, or maybe a possum. I can see that the bench is yellower than the table surface, and less red than the table legs. I can see that the four-by-fours along the edge of the balcony are made of (yellowish wood), and not the faded grey of the railing they support. Detail creeps into the ridge across from me.

6.35am NZST The cloud is a washed-out dun.  Beneath it, the haze is turning purple, and above it in my sky, the little slivers of darkened cirrus have been plugged in and retaken the neon grapefruit skin that had already left the sunrise behind.

6.40am NZST The sun is behind the ridge, finally up. The pale reddish orange behind the ridge feels brighter than I want to stare at. The forest below has stereotyped round canopies in a pale corroded-copper green. The cirrus clouds have all but washed out.

7.00am NZST A bowl of porridge with cinammon, apples, banana and dried apricots. The sun sits tangent to the ridge. I think with camera obscura you could see the trees.



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