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The Garden of Eden Creation Kit (GECK) March 26, 2011

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1. A joke from the blog Ask A Korean!:
Looking at a painting of Adam and Eve holding an apple in an art gallery, an Englishman said: “They are English, because the man shares delicious food with a woman.”
A Frenchman said: “They are French, because they are walking in the nude.”
A North Korean said: “They are North Korean. They have no clothes and little food, but they think they are in heaven.”
From AAK! we also have a piece on the training of the North Korean special forces. Their war plans are detailed in the piece by a defector; the general idea is to assassinate the mayors of South Korean cities. AAK! also has a pretty good post on Culturalism, the ugly little brother of Multiculturalism. You can find the other North Korea jokes here.
2. Roger Ebert got a kick out of getting strangers to buy things from Amazon. Classic evidence of his good nature.
3. California and New York are having a bad time because their budgets depend on progressive taxation & the volatile income of the top 1%.
Credits: The Browser


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