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On the Chinese Mistress February 18, 2011

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1. An advertising analyst explains China’s mistress culture in Culture8. He also explains why Chinese men make up most of the luxury market:

Male consumption is the largest source [of luxury purchases], with much of it coming from man to man gifting for business purposes  – you could call it trust facilitation. That’s one of the things that makes the luxury market in China absolutely unique; men buy a lot more luxury products than women do, and this is largely to smooth business transactions.

2. That article led me to discover what a “chav” is- apparently it’s a lower-class British person with a penchant for fake Burberry. This did a good bit of damage to Burberry’s brand in Britain, and they started changing their designs to compensate.

3. Babbage from the Economist on Watson.

4. An Egyptian Post-mortem:

a. US Egyptians consider going back.

b. Niall Ferguson blasts American Grand Strategy in Newsweek

c. Lexington: summing up.

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