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House Lore November 29, 2010

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1. A colorful collection of anecdotes about the men who have received a censure at the hands of the House. The best bits are the tales of partisan violence:

In 1858, Mr. Keitt started a donnybrook on the House floor. After an exchange of insults in a debate over the admission of Kansas as a slave state, he leaped up and tried to throttle Representative Galusha A. Grow, a Pennsylvania Republican. Supporters on both sides jumped into the fray, and a melee involving dozens of congressmen broke out.

The speaker shouted in vain for order. The sergeant-at-arms rushed in. Representative Cadwallader Washburn of Wisconsin tried to grab Representative William Barksdale of Mississippi by the hair, but came away with a toupee. Mr. Barksdale retrieved his wig, but put it on backward, and the fighting ended as both sides dissolved in laughter.

2. Incoming Republicans are making a lot of promises about their behavior in the upcoming congress. About 15% say that they will resist the temptations of Washington by sleeping on their office couches.



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