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LINKED August 8, 2010

Posted by readbeard in Uncategorized.
  1. The Geopolitics of an Enemy. Describes the connection between Greece’s geography and the financial mess. Well-written and interesting. Not sure if it’s worth your time if you don’t care about the Greek financial mess.
  2. The Top Idea in Your Mind This is why I should take a semester off.
  3. What is Marriage. As defined by elmo (actually Grover, but my Sesame Street is rusty and I don’t know the characters that well). Very short.
  4. Mike Rowe celebrates Dirty Jobs. A 20 minute TED talk by the Dirty Jobs Discovery guy. Incredibly well written speech. I think half the things he says are wrong but all of them are worth thinking about. Great concluding sentence.
  5. How we spend our money, not how much we spend, is what makes us happy. Not worth reading. But worth remembering.


1. Jason - August 23, 2010

Wow Mike Rowe is a great speaker. He only really seems to have one idea, but it doesn’t seem that way when he’s talking about it.

That stuff about not following your passion and about just going for opportunities- how did that not come off as cynical?

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