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LINKED August 5, 2010

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  1. This will entertain you
  2. Lust, Devotion and the Binary Code. Well written, superbly plotted piece on sex lives of young Iranians. Contrasts the strict, orthodox state regulations against the much more liberal populace. Will surprise you if you are unaware of how un-conservative much of the Iranian population is; if you are aware, the joy comes from the detail.
  3. Russia Burns
  4. Tell me something I don’t know. Research that makes me question economics, and I don’t mean economic fundamentals but why the economics research is done in the first place. Disclosure: I didn’t read the paper, but it seems like a given.
  5. Tyler Cowen’s IO Course Reading List. I might be the only person interested in this link, but I want to save it somewhere, and this blog is for that. Hey, Ian-Dewbecker is on it.


1. Anonymous - August 5, 2010

macroeconomic EFFECTS of environmental concern? this is quantitative political science, done on the cheap by economists trying to avoid journal refs with relevant expertise.

also, I propose that still photography is a more effective medium than video for news, because it fails to facilitate passivity, and the extra attention payed makes up for the lesser transmission of information.

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