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End of Life July 26, 2010

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Long Piece on Doctor’s Experience with End of Life Care, Mostly Cancer

I’d expect more support from private insurers if palliative care cut costs as much as they say. On an unrelated note, I should think the big death politically less controversial than the little, but we never even mentioned ‘dying’ in ‘health’ class. Why?



1. newsthatstaysnews - July 29, 2010

I read this and frankly couldn’t really deal with it. There is menace in the detail there.

2. Anonymous - July 29, 2010

unshade thy darkling murmur, that occult design may yield itself to stripling reason.

3. jf - July 30, 2010

With respect to the comment accompanying the article: I’m not sure that’s true. I agree that insurers want to cut costs, but they also have an interest in having a reputation of paying. I would think that an insurer who pushed (or even suggested) hospice care would be seen as just not wanting to pay for more expensive treatment.

Of course, since people don’t usually buy their own health insurance, that might not be so relevant.

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